Began the construction of the railway spans the Crimean bridge

The builders started the installation of railway spans the Crimean bridge in the area between the island of Tuzla and the fairway of the Kerch-yenikalsky channel.This is stated in the message of the information center “Crimean bridge”

The spans are installed over the water by the method of longitudinal sliding, which is widely used in modern bridge construction. Design going from the factory units on the stand on the island of Tuzla and alternately approaching the rolling devices at the ready support jacks. The speed of movement at this stage is about 45 millimeters per minute. In a similar way to marine deposits formed road canvas Crimean bridge.

“In parallel, over the sea stretch two branches of the railway spans. One for trains in the direction of the Crimea, the other for the opposite direction, in the direction of Tamani. Every branch pushing two to four powerful jacks with a force of from 500 to 1,000 tons. With the increase in mass looming over the water metal only on this site going to collect and mount 30 of spans – the number of jacks increases on each direction”, – said Deputy General Director for production at the construction site of the bridge Crimea Dmitry Petukhov.

Train the flight of the Crimean bridge is a precast metal design weighing 580 tons, including more than 40 key elements. They are joined together by welding and high strength bolts. The height of the harvested segments of the factory unit is more than 5 m, a width of over 15 metres, with the service passages. The spans are set on piers of the sea, the distance between which does not exceed 65 m.

“Each pillar about two feet higher than the previous. Railway bridge gradually “grows” from 5 meters it begins to rise on the island of Tuzla and so to the sea plot of the poles height is almost 17 meters, and then 35 feet above the fairway of the Kerch-yenikalsky channel. Such a smooth rise ensure a comfortable and safe time passenger and freight trains on the arched span, which freely pass the court”, – said the head of the technical service of the company “SGM-Bridge” Yuriy Beskov.

In 2018, construction work on the spans of the railway will unfold in all marine areas. In General, over the Kerch Strait between the legs 64 will be pulled over more than 6 km of railway structures. The total mass of sea bays under the railroad will be more than 60 thousand tons.

The railway is built simultaneously with the road. By the end of January 2018 prepared more than 180 of the 307 rail supports, has collected more than 39 thousand of the 160 thousand tons spans. In parallel with work in the Kerch Strait the construction of the railway infrastructure on both banks of the Kerch Strait. This is the road from the Krasnodar region and the Crimea length of 40 and 17.5 km, respectively. Train approaches will be put into operation simultaneously with the railway part of the Crimean bridge in 2019. Road part of the rent early in December 2018.

Began the construction of the railway spans the Crimean bridge 05.02.2018

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